The Enioanatomy of Human Subtle Bodies

Book 13. In English language. Published in 2012. 684 pages. ISBN 978-80-970284-2-8
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The majority of information dealing with enioanatomy and subtle bodies is new. This book offers an unprecedented enioanatomic description of energy-informational substances, subtle bodies, holographic integrations of subtle bodies, chakras, Sushumna, Merudanda, Ida, Pingala, star channels, meridians, micro-channels, biologically active points, anastomotic junctions, subultrachannel networks, universal and specific life energy-informational bioplasms, energy-informational mutual exchanges, their structure-functional states, operating modes, functions, functional potential, their implications for human beings, and much more. The book introduces methods of developing subtle bodies and chakras. Human subtle bodies are presented and explained as being the energy-informational foundation for our spiritual development, PSI-phenomena development, PSI-phenomena healing, biolocation, out-of-body projection, and eniological disciplines concerning human beings.

The monograph is intended for people skilled in PSI-phenomena abilities, PSI-phenomena healing, and specialists from all eniologic fields engaged in human research, such as enioanatomy, eniophysiology, eniomedicine, eniopsychology, eniopedagogy, eniospiritual upbringing, education, and development. Among various practitioners finding the book useful are physicians, healers, psychologists, practitioners of psychotronics, parapsychologists, spiritual teachers, pedagogues, educators, trainers, theologians, and people striving to develop their subtle bodies, their spirituality and PSI-phenomena.

The monograph:

• addresses the enioanatomy of human subtle bodies

• develops enioanatomical thinking

• reveals the subtle and enioanatomical nature of human beings

• reveals the enioanatomical secrets relevant to human beings

• emphasizes the practical significance of the enioanatomy of subtle bodies with regard to biological, psychological, social, paranormal, spiritual, medical, and a wide range of other spheres and aspects of human life • should become the foundation of eniomolecular biology, eniocytology, eniohistology, eniophysiology, eniomedicine, eniopsychology, eniopedagogy, and of other eniological disciplines engaged in human research

• is intended to extend the enioanatomical knowledge to the enio-techniques, methods, and tools applied in the process of education, development, training, healing, regeneration, rehabilitation, and convalescence of human beings

• contains enioanatomical information which should be used to re-evaluate, correct, modify, and improve the existing enio-techniques, methods and tools relevant to the development of human beings and their subtle bodies, PSI faculties, spirituality, psyche, and divinity

• presents enioanatomical information which should be used to elaborate and develop new enioanatomical, eniopsychological, and eniopedagogical techniques, methods, and tools for the versatile, harmonious, and universal development of human subtle bodies

• presents enioanatomical information which should be used to elaborate and develop new eniotherapeutic techniques, methods, and tools of preventive medicine, medicine for healthy people, healthy lifestyle, eniomedicine, spiritual medicine, and effective treatment of life threatening diseases, ensuring optimal regeneration, rehabilitation, and convalescence

• introduces enioanatomical information with reference to subtle bodies in order to concretise, direct, specify, objectify, maintain, and coordinate the practices of concentration, visualisation, meditation, and enioanatomical, eniopsychological, and spiritual exercise and cultivation

• aims to concretise and specify one's spiritual development and the development of PSI abilities

• presents enioanatomical information which should be used in the practice of diagnoses, monitoring, evaluation, and prognoses, in scientific research, and in pursuit of new data relating to subtle bodies and their forms, structures, inner architecture, topography, functions, and functional potential.

On the whole, the monograph presents enioanatomical information which is relevant to the universal development of subtle bodies, to the integration of upbringing, education, development, healing, and regeneration, to the practical implementation of developed PSI abilities, and to the attainment of absolute health, longevity, harmony, and a life free of pain, suffering, and crises.

Author: Vasilchuk Anatoliy Leonidovitch

• Associate professor in anatomy

• Doctor of Pedagogy

• Master of Psychotronics and Biomagnetology

• Eniopsychologist

• National healer of the Ukraine

• Master of Sport of the Ukraine

• Author of 20 monographs, 9 inventions, and 521 scientific papers (data from November 2017),

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